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A New Section Called FRIENDS
By Damion Michaels

I first thought of this section when I was trying to define friendship to my five year old children. I came up with all of the platitudes one would expect.

But then I thought about friendship. Friends by emotion cause emotions. Some anger you, some inspire you, some frustrate you, some amuse you and some, well you are just glad to have met them.

The first friend in a series of friends I decided to write about is Brett Calzada. Brett is a young, idealistic, cynical, talented, amusing, sometimes frustrating and karma driven. Funny thing is that I am sure that Brett does not consider me a friend. No matter, when you know someone as long as I have known Brett, I will take the liberty of calling him my friend.

To try to determine what drives Brett is an exercise in futility. I sometimes look at his work, seen at, and try to see where Brett has been, is now or where he is going. Never works.

Brett has an interesting way of looking at things. Take the picture on the home page of Brett took that picture on the top of a building. Didn't make much sense to me but when Brett put it into a perspective with his twist, it clicked. Take a look at his work and you too might just look at things differently.

Brett is one of those friends you just are glad to have met.

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