On Sunday, 8/31/97, at 4:05 pm, Max made his debut.

And now introducing Max George . . . . .

History behind Max George:

Many names were held out for Max.

I wanted Holden. Carrie hated it. Okay, I thought maybe

Holden for a middle name. Carrie said she might think about it.

Carrie wanted Jared. Okay. Jared Holden. We thought about

it and that might have a been a close second.

Max was never a compromise.

We both thought about the name and considered the origin.

After we saw him, he was a definitely a Max.

The Max George came from Carrie's mother's father's name.

His name actually was George Max. We reversed it.

It was out of immense respect, love and remembrance that

we were honored to name our son Max George.

Max George will also have his great grandfather's Hebrew name.